Our Story

We are so glad you’re here with us taking the initiative to optimize your skin’s health! Here at Born To Be Free, we’re paving the way to a non-toxic lifestyle, and it all starts with your skincare. As with money, food, government, medicine and education, the skincare industry has not been insulated from being corrupted, and we’ve decided to fight back!  “Big Skincare” is loaded with endocrine disrupting chemicals that have been proven to be harmful for human use. Basically, if you cannot read the ingredients on your products, you should not be putting it on your skin. The skin is the largest human organ, absorbing everything on its surface, directly linking to your bloodstream, therefore it is essential to be mindful when choosing your products. It is clear to us that we are living through a pivotal time in history, and it is an honor to be at the forefront of the revolution in leading the development of a parallel structure to combat the fiat skincare industry. 

I'm Nadja, and together with my husband, John, we are the founders of Born To Be Free. Having recently tied the knot in 2022, we delved into a whole new realm of the 'health rabbit hole' approximately a year prior to our wedding. As is the case with many of you reading this, the pandemic had opened up our eyes to all the corruption this country is facing. With intentions of building a family someday, we wanted to be sure to set a solid foundation for health, wealth, and happiness. The first step for us was eliminating the chemicals. As we ran out of our toxic skincare products, I sought out to discover the optimal approach to reconstruct our daily skincare routines using pure, natural ingredients that would provide the maximum benefits for our skin.


While researching the best ingredients for skincare, it became clear that grass-fed beef tallow stood out as the superior substance for the job. Abundant in triglycerides and fatty acids, it provides emollient advantages. Emollients establish a shielding layer on the skin, preserving moisture and enhancing skin barrier function, membrane fluidity, and cell signaling. These factors collectively contribute to a notable improvement in skin texture and appearance. Additionally, beef tallow boasts antioxidants, such as omega-3 fatty acids, combating free radicals and delivering anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial benefits. Its rich content of omega-6 fatty acids, renowned for their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, may alleviate symptoms associated with eczema, psoriasis, and rashes.

Fascinated by what I had learned, I took a trip to the local butcher, got myself some beef fat, rendered it down to tallow and got to work! I immediately found a passion for crafting unique products that embody the essence of clean, nourishing beauty. This journey took an unexpected turn when my husband grew infatuated with my products and insisted that I share them with our family and friends. To my surprise, the response was overwhelming—our people became genuinely obsessed with my products! It was a transformative "aha!" moment for me. Realizing the potential to share the love and benefits of clean skincare on a broader scale, I embarked on a mission to help not only my inner circle but also countless others seeking wholesome, natural solutions for their skincare needs.


And so, “Born To Be Free” was formed !

At Born To Be Free, we strive to one day become a global brand and sell our products to like-minded individuals worldwide. The American flag may be embedded into our logo, but we wish to serve people around the world. The vision in which our founding fathers built America are aligned with the values of Born To Be Free. Liberty, Equality, Self-Governance, Justice, Individual Rights, Preservation of Private Property, these are all principles that we have a strong belief in at Born To Be Free. The America of today is almost unrecognizable to the America we all used to know and love. “Land of the Free” is what the American Flag represents. Our commitment is not confined by geography; it's a dedication to the universal ideals that transcend arbitrary borders and unite individuals who cherish freedom. Born To Be Free is not just a name; it's a passionate declaration of our dedication to these timeless principles that know no boundaries.

We are all born free. Freedom to us is having the ability to be a sovereign individual. To be as self-sufficient as possible. Approach life with a holistic framework. Eat REAL, non-processed foods. If you are unable to produce your own food, you develop a relationship with a local rancher or farmer and obtain your food directly from the producer. Live as close to the seed’s source as possible. Embrace a connection with nature, let your bare feet contact the surface of the earth and experience the true benefits of earthing. Enjoy time at the beach, or at the park. Pay homage to your body’s capabilities and exercise daily. Freedom is a way of life, it is not a passive state; it demands engagement. When you allow yourself to live freely, you become more self-dependent. There’s no daily medication to get through your day. Freedom manifests in optimal health. Financial independence means you don't depend on aid to cover your bills, nor permission to access your money. Freedom is wealth. YOU are responsible for yourself, YOU are accountable for your actions, YOU are to blame for the mistakes, and YOU are praised for the successes. True happiness is found in being FREE. 

What is Freedom to you?