Source Of The Seed

Source Of The Seed

What if I told you the source of the seed is more important than the seed itself?
While paving your own path to freedom and sovereignty, it’s not enough to just go to Whole Foods to purchase lean proteins and healthy produce. Don’t get me wrong, if you only had two options—Option one being to purchase and consume lean proteins and healthy produce from Whole Foods or any mainstream grocery store, and Option two being to purchase and consume processed foods—we'd suggest Option one all day, without hesitation.

Luckily for you (and me), we have freedom and ultimately, more options.

What is the Source of the Seed?
Don’t think too deeply on this; the source of the seed is exactly what it sounds like. Who or where is your food coming from? In other words, do you know the rancher or farmer who is harvesting and producing your food? The rancher or farmer IS the source of the seed. The closer you get to the source of the seed, the closer you are to your path towards freedom.

How can you do this?
The best way to do this, and arguably the most difficult, is to grow your own food. Now, this is a spectrum—you can start small by having a little garden at home and growing some tomatoes, herbs, etc., all the way to having your own farm where you are 100% self-sufficient. I acknowledge that not everyone has the capacity to grow their own food, including Nadja and me. But fortunately for you, we have a ton of options.

For those who are unable to grow their own food, attend your local farmer’s market. Introduce yourself to the individuals who are selling and producing the food that you are consuming. Shake their hand. If you can’t find the time to physically attend a farmer’s market, visit The Beef Initiative - Championing localized food supply where you’ll gain market access to over 250 regenerative ranchers across the USA. You can rest assured that you’re eating the cleanest meat in the country.



Why should you do this?
There are currently four major global processing companies—JBS, Tyson, National Beef, and Cargill (three of which aren’t even US corporations)—that have a monopoly over the meat processing industry and have powerful lobbyists with very close ties to our government. A staggering 85% of our meat is processed by these global processors. This means that 85% of the meat sold in grocery stores is from other countries such as Africa, Brazil, Mexico, etc. These cattle are not nourished and cared for the way they are on regenerative farms here in America. They are industrially raised, fed antibiotics, vaccinated, given GMO crops, and raised inhumanely. They are kept in close quarters where they end up soiling themselves and each other.

Furthermore, these cattle are more susceptible to various diseases, and due to the loopholes in regulation for these major processors and the lack of accountability, these unhealthy cattle are still processed and fed to the consumer as “USDA Prime” and “Grass-Fed Beef.” Quite often, these impaired cattle can be harmful to the consumer. One shocking study showed that one pound of ground beef in a grocery store contained 80 sets of genetic material. Put differently, that’s 80 different cattle in one pound of ground beef. This increases your probability of consuming meat that came from impaired cattle by 80.

To make matters worse, in 2021, the FDA slipped in the GRAS law, “Generally Recognized As Safe.” This allowed 2,000 chemicals into our food without being required to disclose this information to the consumer. All the while, the best beef in the world is raised right here in the USA, and we export that beef to the highest bidder on the market, usually China.

Our food supply and nutritional value are being hijacked, and you are paying the price for the deception. This is a fact, and there is overwhelming proof that the food designed today is nothing close to what our grandparents raised and ate. Even the food we consumed 20 years ago is vastly different from what we choose to purchase today. The numbers don’t lie:

  • Childhood Obesity: Increased from an estimated 5% in the early 1970s to 19.7% today.
  • Adult Obesity: Increased from 10% in the 1950s to 42.4% today.
  • Childhood Diabetes and Prediabetes: Significant rise in type 2 diabetes, with 18% of adolescents having prediabetes today.
  • Adult Diabetes and Prediabetes: Significant increase from an estimated 1%-2% in the 1950s to 11.6% with diabetes and 1 in 3 with prediabetes today.


How did we let this happen?
Bill Gates is now the largest farmland owner in the United States. Using him and his investment companies as a reference, we see the impact of major players like Monsanto on the genetically engineered food supply. Gates owns over 245,000 acres of farmland and significant water rights, making him and his investment firm, Cascade Investments, the top landowners in the country.

Despite not being a farmer, Gates pays farmers to cultivate his land, incentivized by government policies to plant specific crops. This highlights the broader issue of the “Debt Economy” created after we went on a Fiat Monetary standard in 1971, leading to manipulated food supplies and public perceptions.

Currently, we hear claims of a beef shortage. However, the reality, as confirmed by ranchers, is that there are plenty of cattle, but the processing is being manipulated as mentioned above with the four major co-opted companies influenced by government incentives.

This manipulation has led to reduced cattle purchases by processors, artificially inflating meat prices. Gates, with investments in GMO food companies like Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat, is pushing for new dietary standards, aiming to replace traditional animal proteins with synthetic alternatives, which have raised health concerns.

Begin your journey inching closer to the source of the seed by supporting small ranchers who do right by the animal and the land, which in turn does right by the consumer’s health. Now get out there and Shake A Rancher’s Hand.


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